You just had one job!

This is a pretty clear statement of frustration when someone just doesn't complete or do properly the one thing they were supposed to. That's fair enough, so long as they were given the right guidance, resources etc. to do the job, whatever it might be.

However, in a modern business, just having one job or task may be the exception rather than the rule. Obviously, it's important for someone to perform well the principal role they were appointed to, but increasingly organisations are looking to people to do something a bit unfamiliar, "go the extra mile" and generally be more effective. Why is this?

In part it's because the modern world is getting more complex and people are being asked to think laterally, rather than vertically, not staying in their "silo". A successful organisation is often one that can engender the need to be slightly more flexible, but also give colleagues the confidence for this, through a number of means, including useful feedback.

A good example comes to mind from the world of football. Traditionally, a goalkeeper's job was to save shots on goal, cut out crosses and take goal kicks. Nowadays, the modern goalkeeper is expected to distribute the ball well and overall take a leadership role in the defence. A solid goalkeeper gives defenders confidence and that helps the whole team. A much more demanding job than the old-fashioned one, but arguably more interesting, and that's one of the key incentives to take it on.


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