Very Simple Ideas for Running a Business: 5) Business Drivers

Like the others we've mentioned in this series, the idea (and this is the last one for now) of business drivers is indeed simple, but this one is very often not given much importance. Perhaps it's because it's too obvious and we may even talk about it in different ways, so here's a chance to give a useful idea a name that we can easily remember and also use.

The drivers of a business are all the things that contribute to its success. We may be very clear about the other ideas we've talked about, but what we also need to understand and work on are the key factors specific to our operation that fundamentally determine whether it does well or not. Some are internal - a positive culture, good organisation and transparency - , while others are external, e.g. relationships, communications. Some are controllable - product quality, reputation - , but others are more random, such as the weather and the economic environment.

A lot to think about, but good managers will, as ever, aim to identify what's really important for their success and act to make things happen.


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