Very Simple Ideas for Running a Business: 3) Sweating the Assets

This means essentially using resources to the fullest extent possible, not wasting anything, and getting good results. In short, it's prudent and conservative. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Agreed, it makes sense, except that it's not the full story. No one would advocate being wasteful, but simply using resources of a business - people and relationships, location, ideas, finance etc. - well ignores some other actions that managers should take. These include innovation, timely replacement and that often overlooked task of maintenance.

Of course, you need some resources to do this - after all, everything costs money - but a failure to invest was one reason for the failure of the soviet economic model. Similarly, achieving success over time with the same players may be the sign of a great football coach, but at some point all teams need to bring in and integrate new blood.


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