More on Ambiguity

As promised, here we are again thinking about what to do about ambiguity. This seems to be a favourite interview question, so maybe our thoughts could be particularly useful to anyone in that fortunate or unfortunate position (more ambiguity).

One approach is to separate out the two elements of the problem. Firstly, can we attempt to reduce the ambiguity? That means going back to the question in our previous post and examining whether we might get more and clearer information, check for any possibly misleading aspects and review our recollection/notes or any other records. Secondly, having done this, we then need to decide whether to proceed with the actions that rely on all of this, or whether to put things on hold.

The first exercise inevitably will use up resources - time and money - so can't be to drawn out. A decision has to be made how much to expend before proceeding or not. If we can get over this hurdle, we may still be left with a degree of uncertainty, albeit hopefully less than when we started. That then raises the question of how we in fact go about working within this environment. Still more to come on this topic.


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