Ambiguity - is that what it's really all about?

In German, it's a very interesting word "zweideutig" - having two meanings, and that's what ambiguous/ambiguity is all about.

We wrote not so recently about dilemmas (4 September 2014), which are choices in which there are no attractive alternatives. It therefore becomes a question of deciding which of the second best alternatives to go for, based on definition and then applying the best information and intuition available.

However, with a few problems around at the moment, in business or in the world generally, something comes to mind. Those inputs for making a choice may actually be a luxury we don't have. What if the available information is incomplete, unclear or obviously misleading? What if our recollection is not perfect?

On reflection, it seems this problem occurs much more often than we might realise or care to acknowledge. It's not easy to resolve, so we'll hold things there and come back to it shortly.


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