What is (a) Business?

It's one of those questions - mention a word and what does this immediately make us think of? Quick - no time to reflect.

In the case of business, it would quite often raise thoughts of private companies and the profit motive. However, it's not unreasonable to define as business the activity of any organisation that's managed along business lines. "Business lines" covers a small number of key features, including clear objectives, a strategy for achieving them, a culture that holds the organisation together and operational disciplines, such as budgets and other means of managing and mobilising resources.

If we accept this definition, it can easily extend to a large range of organisations, in addition to private sector companies: national and local government bodies, official agencies on both a national and international level, NGOs, charities, hospitals, schools and universities.

Looked at this way, there are very few organisations of any substance that are not in effect businesses. Opens up a big opportunity to get talking!


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