"Good Hands"

We naturally like the idea of being "in good hands" - in planes, taxis, hospitals etc. It means we feel safe with an expert in control. The same applies in business with clients entrusting their commercial wellbeing to someone in whom they have confidence.

We should also think about our own "good hands" and, it still being summer, some of our favourite sporting situations may well be relevant. You need good hands in cricket - chances to catch the ball and take a wicket are hard to come by. In tennis, good hands mean control of the racket head, which is important, especially for the more subtle shots. And in swimming a good stroke starts with another kind of catch, as the hand enters and starts to scoop the water.

In each of these cases, we're thinking that, whatever the overall strength of the players, physical and/or technical, as individuals or a team, what the hand does to exercise close control at the "business end" of the transaction is crucial. Moreover, good hands need to be looked after, since they are not always easy to replace.


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