Survival Strategies - has anyone seen a Polar Bear?

Everyone, no matter how good their language is, sometimes needs a survival strategy - it depends on the situation. Visitors to the Svalbard islands in the Arctic usually want to see a polar bear. But you wouldn't want to you meet one. And the Norwegian authorities don't want you to either, so they put up this warning sign at the edge of Longyearbyen, the capital, because bears can show up anywhere. It offers us a few ideas about reading another language:
- What is this sign about? Bears.
- Do we want to know what the sign means? Yes, bears are dangerous (red triangle).
- Do we know every word in Norwegian? No, in fact we may not know any.
- Do we know any words here? We know we're in Svalbard and it says something about that.
We can make a good guess what "Gjelder hele..." means, or we can quickly check in a dictionary - or ask someone.


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