This didn't work - an optimistic Story

It was the wrong choice, we should never have tried it and we shouldn't do it again, in any situation. For example, we shouldn't have hired a certain organisation, adopted a particular type of bonus system, entered a new market.

Quite a lot to digest at once, but a fairly frequently heard assessment of an action that led to a disappointing outcome. However, is it really an effective way of analysing things?

We think not, for the following reasons and would start with the outcome we were looking for:
Now we've been able to observe how things happened, how realistic was the outcome we were seeking - was this the right action in relation to that? Maybe the action was not well managed, but it was the right one to achieve our goals?

To what extent did we in fact achieve our goals? Maybe not 100%, but the majority might be an acceptable performance. So what assumptions were we making, both in that respect, but also relating to the conditions we were working under?

Then there's always the question - what would have happened if we did nothing? Very often doing nothing is not an option, even if looking back we think it might have been.

And finally, we should consider what it cost us to do what we did. Hopefully not too much and certainly not enough to jeopardise our organisation or a particular project. In fact, any decision should be taken with that in mind - not putting all our eggs in one basket. There may also be gains just from learning something, even if the main activity wasn't successful.


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