Food for Thought

Metaphors, images also with literal meanings, a simple way to convey ideas and thoughts, are a feature of all languages, including English. They are certainly used in business, so
it's worth getting to know a few. There's no obvious way to choose or learn them, but it can be interesting to look at particular categories, such as food. Here are a few examples:

- "Drip feeding". This is a medical term, with an obvious literal meaning - in business it describes making resources (e.g. funds for an investment) available gradually, in case conditions change.

- "Don't put your eggs in one basket". This is really a proverb or well-known saying and seems to appear in various forms in many languages. It means "spread things around, diversify, don't concentrate" (e.g. risks of a project).

- "Cookie cutters". These are the metal or plastic shapes that cooks use to make cookies etc. In a wider meaning it describes a standard template or framework - perhaps also "one size fits all".
By the way, like many English words,"cookie" has a foreign origin (in this case, Dutch), but that's another story.


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