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This website is about talking, so we obviously support such an activity for all sorts of reasons. However, it seems that talking is a benefit in some other ways that we hadn't thought of.

For example, while it's not an alternative to actually stopping or taking a break, road safety experts suggest that it's a means to stay focused - we may just be starting to feel tired or bored, or entering an unfamiliar area. Apparently, talking to ourselves, saying what we see and how we plan to deal with it, can greatly reduce the chances of making a mistake and getting into an accident.

The same applies to surgeons who are carrying out long operations. Difficult situations, the need to concentrate and remain standing require strategies to reduce the risks involved. Talking and commentating, explaining and guiding colleagues are all part of the process.

This idea also has an application in business, not so much from the perspective of constant advertising or propaganda, but in a more quiet way. The discipline of describing fairly often what we're doing, as individuals and/or at the organisational level, can be very valuable. It's communication, but it also enables us to keep our thinking clear and let others come back on it. It's important to choose the right time and place to do this, but overall it's certainly not a bad idea.


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