Fluent in Business

Happy New Year to all our Readers. Here's a new theme as well - Fluent in Business - whether English is a first or working language.

The notion of fluency is a simple one. It means being able to link ideas together and communicate freely. The logic and experience of any language, and gaining fluency, is a good guide to thinking about business:

- Being fluent doesn't mean being perfect (like a native speaker or bilingual), or even an expert in specific areas - just good enough to be at home and effective in many situations. After all, we don't need to know everything about a computer programme (or to be a programmer) in order to use one.

- We don't always know what these situations may be and they may not fit into obvious categories. Therefore, we can find ourselves crossing the borders of a number of topics to address a particular business issue.

How can we become more fluent in business?

- First of all, we need to be be sure about what we aim to achieve (in both the short and longer term), and get familiar with the various ideas we might want to work with, including the key vocabulary and what it really means.

- Then we can explore where each idea leads, in any direction, but preferably in a clear and fairly straight progression - joined up thinking about business.

- Each of these ideas can branch out in various directions and be developed with more ideas and vocabulary.

- This approach is easy to recall and communicate. No big diagrams or case studies, and no one needs to check their notes later to be sure they got the message.

So here's our New Year Resolution. Let's keep everything simple but effective.


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