Who needs a Concierge?

Concierge is a French word which traditionally describes the position of guardian or caretaker of a residential building, although its origins are perhaps more complex than this. In a more up to date context, a concierge is someone who works on the front desk of a hotel, and who arranges things for guests when they need them (e.g. drivers, theatre tickets and local advice). A good concierge can seemingly solve any problem - a very visible part of the hotel's brand and a reflection of a clear strategy of customer focus.

We're now seeing "concierge" being used in a much broader sense, for example by financial services organisations, especially those which deal with clients who are seeking a high standard of personal attention. A concierge-type service in this environment means the following: we're well-trained and competent, we're working just for you, we'll solve almost any problem for you.

This is an example of a single word which, through accepted usage, conveys a simple but important idea. Even if we don't need a concierge right now, we might one day - and we certainly need more words like it.


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