Why do we like Sherlock Holmes?

If you lived in England in the late 19th c. and had a big problem, Sherlock Holmes was your "go to" person. The great detective continues to be a very popular figure in many parts of the world and with all age groups. Why is this? After all, he can be quite impatient and not particularly good company. Maybe the answer is that we like the way he runs his business:
- He's a problem solver and gets good outcomes for his clients.
- They're very diverse: the rich and famous, as well as the poor, and there's no marketing - it's all based on reputation.
- Strict control of fixed costs: modest premises in Baker Street and Dr Watson works for free.
- He relies on personal capabilities that are hard to copy (experience, deduction and observation), therefore little threat from competitors.

So perhaps Sherlock Holmes wouldn't be our ideal dinner guest, and he's not really a team player either, but we'd be very happy to hire him if we need some quick action.


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