Can we manage without Latin?

Not surprisingly, one of the strongest impressions on arriving in Rome is that there are lots of buildings from about 2000 years ago. And it's also striking how they (or the remains of them) fit in with the architecture of later periods, including the Renaissance and Baroque. The culture based on Latin is still evident and getting along quite well with everything about it.

Meanwhile, Latin is also very much alive in English, including English for business. We can of course "manage" (in two senses - running a business, and just coping) without it, but it nevertheless does contribute something to communication. The question is what?

Latin very kindly lends us a great number of short phrases which express rather bigger, more complex, ideas. Some are used mainly in a legal context (e.g. pari passu, de minimis, pro bono, sine die) while others are more generally understood (e.g. per diem, bona fide, ad hoc, pro rata). There are long lists available on the Internet.

So, we can expect to hear Latin a lot in business and, if we value simplicity and definition, it's pretty useful too.


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